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is a nonprofit faith based organization serving our community through the Business Marketplace. We aspire to strengthen each person's confidence and encourage leadership development through classes, workshops, trainings, events and seminars in our church and community. 




Flavors of Success™
Business Gala

Feature and give exposure to  start ups businesses and small businesses.

A portion of the proceeds will be used to provide a business with a scholarship/certificate/plaque that has implemented our services and/or exceptional progress/growth toward their business



We are committed to serving the needs of your small  business startups and business ventures. Using basic biblical principles of business development, we offer practical tools for the grassroots of your business.

We are a supportive community with a wealth of leadership strategies that is essential to your business growth




Mindset 2 Mastery™

provides training, tools, tips and strategies to assist you in Changing Your Mindset so you can Master Your Success!




OUR Pain 2 Purpose™ Foundation


Proudly partners with agencies that support and nurture abused women or women with disadvantages- helping them to find their dignity; changing them from rough stones into precious jewels, by becoming healthier (mentally, physically,emotionally, and/or spiritually) role models, giving back to their families and communities






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